Our Fringe Show has been a resounding success!

Our featured Fringe Exhibition; 'Unexpected Excesses' has garnered 5 star reviews, and a wealth of praise, from both critics and public alike. Featuring the work of just two atists, Liz Watts and Jan Knibbs, this treat for the senses features a magical bankqueting table, where guests, both real and imaginary, are invited to take part in the feast.

We have had a resident poet (Dawn Gorman), resident composer (Martin Seager), resident Harpist (Bianca Watts) and many other fine guests who have helped the party along.

Like all good things, though, sadly the party is coming to an end....tomorrow (Sunday 30th August) is the last day of the banquet, so do please pop along and enjoy it while it lasts! We are open 11am - 6pm.

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