Winter Exhibition ~ Highlights Part I : The Wee Gems Room

The Winter Exhibition is fantastic; we are particularly thrilled with the 'Wee Gems' Room ~ a cornucopia of little unframed original painitngs from all our gallery artists (and some guest artists) which are, for the most part, under the £300 mark. Big names such as Kirstie Cohen, Julie Dumbarton, Philip Richardson, Morag Muir, Marj Bond RWS, Marie Scott, Mike Service, along with many many others, have contributed to this excuisite little show. More pics to follow....

Rosanne Barr I.jpg
Philip Richardson I.jpg
Nerine Tassie I.jpg
Mike Sevice I.jpg
Lesley Mackenzie I.jpg
Julie Dumbarton I.jpg
Andy Cross I.jpg
Stuart Stanley I.jpg

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