Based in Crawford, in the Scottish Borders, artist Iain Holman is known for his striking figurative painting. After studying art and design for three years, Holman entered the design and advertising industry working as a designer for several agencies and latterly running his own business.  Throughout his design career he found time to draw and paint, attending life drawing classes at the Edinburgh College Of Art, and recently completing his Masters qualification. 

His early paintings were inspired by the surrealists but his tastes have changed over the years and this is reflected in his recent paintings. 

He says of his work: "The enduring fascination of the human figure and exploration of body language behaviour, shape and drive my work.  I’m drawn to the unique nuances that are the make-up of each individual: posture, gestures and mannerisms, which communicate hidden thoughts and feelings. 
Through drawing and painting, I look for new ways to reveal human emotions and character, often revolving around a lone figure in a room or cornered space and suggest the unknown stories of my subjects.  I am particularly interested in the concept of the hidden and how emotions can be conveyed through body language rather than the focus of the face.  By not fully disclosing the story within each work, my aim is to arouse curiosity between the character and the narrative direction.
My inspiration is found around me and is of the moment.  I react to and record the time I’m living in today: the people I meet, the fashions and the stream of news and current events.  I’m compelled to paint, to create images that have structure but also portraying the intricate beauty of the human form."

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