Glasgow born Marion Drummond is a hugely respected and influencial Scottish painter. Known for her figurative and still life painting, Marion's work is highly sought after. 

"I would probably describe myself as a representational/romantic artist and my focus is on light. Subject matter is always real and studied; number of petals of any flower observed and changes from life, still life to landscape, though I would tend to describe the latter more as weather-scape. When painting life I am looking for mood and presence and for the skin to breathe. With still life the colours are all there so I am looking for light, while with landscape I am looking at the time of day and the weather. Painting landscape in Scotland for me has to be done with speed as the light changes so frequently and I have to take pastel sketches and re-visit the site at the same time of day on a similar day weather-wise to properly work on a piece."

Work available by Marion Drummond


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