All work submitted to the E.D.S Gallery (EDS) for the purpose of sale or display is done so subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
  • At the time of submission all work must be accompanied by an inventory list or recorded at the gallery on the gallery's Artwork Submission Form.
  • Work must arrive 1 week before the opening exhibition date, openings are held on Saturdays.
  • The following details must be supplied: Title, Medium and Selling Price (or Artist's nett price).
  • 2D work must be suitably presented with appropriate framing, including hanging hooks and cord.
  • By submitting items to EDS for the purpose of sale, it is deemed to be an acknowledgment and agreement from the Artist that the listed work will be offered for sale subject to these Gallery Terms. (copy of Terms available on request)
  • Delivery of work is at the Artist's expense.
  • EDS will notify the Artist when works are to be uplifted and request that collection is made promptly to minimise storage and the possibility of damage.
  • All work is uplifted at the Artist's expense.
Payment/Commission Rates:
  • Payment will be made upon the sale of each artwork.
  • Payment will be made by BACS transfer unless otherwise arranged, an email will be sent itemising the sale(s) and copy of bank transfer to the Artist.
  • Nett payment (amount due to the Artist) is calculated by deducting 40% sales commission from the selling price or amount otherwise agreed with the buyer (ie. a small discount may be given if the buyer is purchasing several artworks). Currently we are not VAT registered, the Artist will therefore receive 60%.
  • Outstanding framing costs will be charged at this point if applicable.
  • At the discretion of EDS, illustrated invitations will be produced with all print, design and mailing costs being met by EDS unless otherwise stated.
  • At the discretion of EDS certain or all works may be marketed on the gallery website.
  • Artists are encouraged to forward jpeg images at the time of submission.
Damage Risk & Insurance:
  • EDS will make good any excessive damage incurred for which they were responsible, excepting normal wear and tear.
  • The gallery's Insurance Policy covers the Artist's work whilst in the possession of EDS including at offsite events and art fairs and during transportation, subject to a £500 excess (see below). This cover protects against irreparable damage through breakage, fire, water and theft by external forced entry.
  • PLEASE NOTE the gallery's Insurance Policy DOES NOT cover shoplifting theft. (see below)
Re Excess & Shop Lifting:
  • Any loss covered by the Insurance Policy is subject to a £500 excess and therefore items with either a nett value (Artist's price) of below £500, or the first £500 of items with a nett value above this amount, are not covered.
  • Any loss through shoplifting theft is not covered by the Insurance Policy, however, should shoplifting theft occur, EDS will share the value of the nett loss equally with the Artist, by personally reimbursing 50% of the Artist's nett value up to a maximum contribution of £2000.
It is the sole responsibility of the Artist to seek further clarification of these terms if necessary.
Issued by E.D.S Gallery, 13 A Great King Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QW / 0131 556 0971 / 07791121313