Angela Macleod studied Drawing & Painting at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1995.


Many of the subsequent years have seen Angela work outside of the art world, but in the last six years or so, she has tried to return to painting on a full time basis. During these years, Angela has successfully shown work in galleries across Scotland and the North of England.
Angela's paintings explore her enduring interests in colour and texture, and over the last few years have concentrated on flowers as the best subject matter for her to develop ideas, techniques and processes. Recently Angela decided to intensify her focus and develop the work into purely abstract pieces that allow her to explore colours, glazes and surface texture without the restrictions of representation.
Working in oil, Angela builds up multiple layers and glazes to create complex surfaces, which combine with bold colours, to result in vibrant, uplifting and energetic images. Using inspiration from a variety of sources whether it be nature, found objects, even old, unfinished work, Angela then develops each piece over time in an intuitive way, each layer coming as a response to the previous one until she feels they are complete.

Angela lives and works in Glasgow.

Work available by Angela Macleod


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I See Scuba

Medium: Oil on Canvas Presentation: Framed Box Canvas Framed Size: 105cm x 79cm Price: £1300