Tom Allan was born in Kilmarnock, he studied at Glasgow University and went on to teach English in Scotland and across Europe. 

Tom moved organically into Scuplture, finding time within his full-time teaching post to produce scultures in various materials, learning and experimenting as his work evolved. He began to exhibit in the late 1970's. When the opportunity for early retirement came, he took it - and has been working full time as a sculptor since 2000.  
From 2006, Tom has been organising stone carving symposiums in Scotland, inviting respected artists from Scotland and abroad to take part, and he himself has taken part in many around the world. Tom exhibits widely, working mainly in marble, and has had many solo exhibitions around the UK. His work is in collections in the U.K, Europe and the Americas. Tom says,
“For me stone sculpture is an expressive art form. I try to express emotion through the stone I am working with, like a painter using colour and form. There is an excitement in that, and the challenge is to bring modern techniques and idioms to this ancient art.”

Work available by Tom Allan


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